Welcome to The Vine Project

Supporting vulnerable children through their education in South Africa.

VINE is a unique venture aimed to create a fund to support vulnerable children in a township in KwaZulu Natal. Most of these youngsters are orphans or abandoned children living sometimes alone or in sibling groups.

The project’s focus is on education and training. Our objective is to enable the children we support to achieve their full
potential through primary, secondary and potentially higher education.

We provide food vouchers working with the Spar Supermarket, all necessary school uniform and general equipment needed to access education. We aim to keep the children in their traditional homes making sure that their houses are safe and comfortable to live in. 

Aims of The Vine Project

1. To support the formal education of the children and provide opportunities for vocational guidance and training.

2. To encourage and guide supportive peer activities.

3. To raise international awareness of the social and economic needs of these children by encouraging supportive and informed global links. 


Providing Opportunites and Raising Awareness

Using the principles of fair trade the project also buys traditional Zulu jewellery and needlework made by local people. Funds are raised in the UK by talks to interested groups, fund raising events and generous donations.

Every penny raised by the Project goes back to the children. We do not have any paid workers. The whole project is run by volunteers who spend a total of three months a year in the township with the children.

The township of Esikhawani is located about 100kms north of Durban in the KwaZulu Natal region.

If you are interested in supporting The Vine Project please get in touch

enquiries@thevineproject.org.uk / 07900 273774

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