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The Uk Vine committee based in
Manchester and Gloucester

From left to right. -
Gordon Robbins
Pat Chase (Treasurer)
Sonia McCann (Chairperson)
Viv Clivery (secretary)

Sue Raddings (standing),
Barbara Curtis (based in Italy)
and Kate Stross.




Up to date information on our South African Committee


South African Vine Committee 


Mrs Biyela. A Maths teacher from Hlamvana Secondary School,
a large school in the township where the staff work very closely with us.

This committee is now made up of three young people from the Township who have been supported by Vine through their school and university careers.  

Derrick has been with Vine since 2009, he now has a Degree in Business Studies and is currently doing a Masters in Economics funded by the Local Authority.  He told me he could never have got this far without the Vine Project and wants to give something back.  He plays a very active role in the committee helping students with their CEO forms and bureaucracy needed to go from school to university. 

Nonkululeko is now a qualified Social Worker having got her degree 2017.  She is very active in the township helping with day to day problems, meeting new families that have been referred to us and running self help groups.  

Siyabonga has been part of the vine family since 2009 and is now doing his final year of Civil Engineering.  He lives more rurally and has a lot of contacts with the more outlying families and schools.  He is highly respected amongst the local Councillors and Chieftans and provides help and advice to the children living more isolated lives with the problems this creates.   

The meeting is chaired by our UK representative either Pat or Sonia during our visit

We can be contacted by email on  v_i_n_e@hotmail.co.uk '

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