The Vine Project is working closely with a number of schools at Primary, Junior and Secondary level in the township. These schools refer vulnerable children in need to us.

They are often living alone  or with distant relatives having lost their parents to aids.   When we are not there the staff oversee our children and we are in constant email touch with them. The vine project managers,  Pat Chase and Sonia McCann,  visit regularly to assess the children referred.

The  project will then provide school uniforms, equipment and stationery and in some cases transport and food vouchers to enable them to access their education. The project  also assists  the schools with equipment and fiscal information (grants/ benefits etc)


 Hlamvana Secondary School.  


This is a large school where a number of our children get their education. The staff are very supprotive of our project and work closely with us. In our absence they oversee the progress of the children and we can keep in touch with them by mobile in case of emergencies. 

Khula  High School. (Grades 10 - 12)

This is a large mixed school in the centre of the township. In the words of Vincent Mthethwa (Deputy Head) "Our greatest challenge is abject poverty affecting all our learners. As a result the school finds it very difficult to provide all facilities no matter how much we need them. The staff are very caring and work closely  with us to identify vulnerable children.

Their philosophy is to encourage and inspire the children to do their best. It is crucial that as many children as possible pass their final exams (Matric) as this is their only way forward. Last year their pass rate was 71%.

School image

Matamzana Dube Secondary School

Built on the sand on the edge of the township.  This is one of the newer non fee paying schools built by the government for the more deprived areas.  As well as no fees the education authorities promised a feeding programme of a meal a day but no food has ever arrived.  Although doing her best, Nomsa, the Principal, gets very frustrated.